A Drop

What am I feeling? confusion. I’m boiling inside yet I can’t say a word, otherwise I’ll make things worse.
What is worse? what is worse than remaining silent when your loved one is being crushed, is being underestimated, disrespected.
Arrows cutting your skin open from every side, from every angle. Yet you can’t say a word, otherwise you’ll make things worse.
your body gets hotter and hotter, your eyes filled with tears. Yet harsh words,Arrows are still stabbing you.
All you can do is pray for it to end.
pray for a miracle to  erase all the harsh words that have been said and are engraved in the hearts.
that’s how it feels to stand between your fighting parents.

Your mind goes blank and your body feels hot.

A Tear Drop.

The beginning of a Journey

we didn’t know each other for so long but we shared the same room,the same soap. we weren’t in the same team but we checked on each others’ work.
we lived different lifes but we share the same passion. we share « JUNIOR Essect ».
in just 2 days, I got to witness your different talents, your bright personalities and your strong will.
I may not be able to remember all of your names for now but surely all your faces are painted clearly in my memory and definitely Iwill remember all of your names.

The weekend I spent with you guys is one of the most productive weekends I’ve ever had and I hope it won’t be the last one.
I’m hoping that our journey will last as long as we can breath.
Thank you for a precious memory JUNIOR.

Living a Hustle Life

living a hustle life is all what we know these days. Starting from uneasy waking up to getting yourself ready to do what you should do, every day.
getting ready half asleep, getting on your way with your coffee between your hands to warm you up. Trying to organize your thoughts and remember your To-Do list. That’s how we start our morning, every day.

but then there is that one day, that one specific day when we wake up energized. by what? who cares ! what matters is that we’re full of energy, we’re smiling, feeling light. that’s when we know that that day is gonna be great.  » it’s definitely my lucky day » we love these days. that’s why we all try to make each and every day just like that day. some say we can’t make our day a lucky day. and they are true about that. But there are those who think that a lucky day is always made. both of them are saying the truth : if you start off your day with negative thoughts and little hope. you’ll be feeling doing, you’ll become sensitive towards everything happening around you, that’s when you start getting angry. that’s when you start seing everything negatively and that’s when you realise that that day is not your lucky day.

So start each and every of your days thinking positively. Get energized by reading quotes you like,by lisstening to your favorite music. Create your Lucky day everyday.

My First Article

what to write in my first article? shall I introduce my self, talk about how was my day or share my plans for this newly created blog.

Well I’ll share what pushed me to start blogging:

« if i were asked :         How do you feel about your parents? My answer would be as follows: There are so many things I’m upset about and wish I could go back in time and change them, but also there are so many things I’m gratefull for. And honestly I no longer want those ‘bad’ or ‘sad’ memories to change, I just want them to remain as they have always been, engraved in my memory with the pictures and feelings they have. That’s my past. That’s what made the person that I’m today and I want to be me, not the perfect me but just me, with the bad personality traits and the good ones that I have. »

Today I had this thought that I consider more like a decision than a thought. and I wanted to share it with people I don’t know.That way I won’t get subjective comments. that’s what pushed to start Blogging today.

I’m still new to Blogging so I’ll ask you for your kind help and advice.

I sincerely thank you for sticking around and reading.